The Sword of Andreus

Everyone knows about Heracles’ twelve impossible labours, and the cruel trick Hera played on him to seek revenge on her unfaithful husband Zeus. Many are aware of Heracles’ sorrow at killing his own family, and how he was deceived by Hera and King Eurystheus, Heracles’ weak and spiteful cousin.

But, few are aware of the 13th trial Heracles had to perform. Until recently it lay undiscovered, etched on yet to be found tablets in an undisturbed and unknown temple. Now published for the world, all will know of Heracles’ thirteenth, and most amazing labour of all; The Quest For The Sword of Andreus.

Andreus had been a swordsmith to the king of Crete, and the best in the known world. Later, he was made a god by the titan, Chronos and ordered to serve as swordsmith for all time. This angered Andreus, who vowed never to make another sword as long as he lived. He did however make one final sword – his finest creation ever. Into the sword he poured all his anger and hatred for the gods, his power, might and skill, until he had made a weapon which it was said could defeat Zeus himself!

Hera wanted it desperately, and so Eurystheus set Heracles this final task – go to Crete, find the sword, and return with it for Hera at all cost. Then he would be free.


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