• Backward


    Jim looked around the deserted science lab. He knew he shouldn’t have snuck back, but he really wanted to see what Mr Jenkins, his teacher had been working on. He had to know what was under the dark sheet at the back of the room. Jim crept closer, trying not to shatter the fragile silence…

  • Sir Duncan’s Quest

    Sir Duncan’s Quest

    Sir Duncan sat in the soothing warmth of the midday sun, absentmindedly polishing his leather saddle. The sun glinted off his shining armour, and warmed the leather straps which held it, taut against his muscular arms. His skin was olive tanned, and wore the patterns of countless pale scars. Neither the heat on his back,…

  • The Sword of Andreus

    The Sword of Andreus

    Everyone knows about Heracles’ twelve impossible labours, and the cruel trick Hera played on him to seek revenge on her unfaithful husband Zeus. Many are aware of Heracles’ sorrow at killing his own family, and how he was deceived by Hera and King Eurystheus, Heracles’ weak and spiteful cousin. But, few are aware of the…