• Carlis’ Quest

    Carlis’ Quest

    First there was nothing – all was still. Only green. Water dripped from a pale nostril, and cascaded down to the muddy ground below. Then, movement. The dripping point shook briefly, and sniffed. A second niff, and then the boy returned to his statuesque pose, a blurred shape among a forest of twisted and blurred…

  • Maxie’s Travels: Chapter 1 – New Arrivals

    Maxie’s Travels: Chapter 1 – New Arrivals

    Maxie stepped down from the high step of the coach, scuffing up the red dirt of the road as she landed.  As she mounted the pavement, she looked around for familiar sights; something comforting in this unknown destination. Maxie’s dad swept past her, heading for the luggage bay. He placed a reassuring hand on her…

  • Tom Sees Things Differently

    Tom Sees Things Differently

    Tom awoke to the gentle hum of a number of cooling fans. He felt their gentle breeze and predictable oscillating action before opening his eyes. As he lay, relaxed, he felt the soft layers under him and longed to stay a little longer unmoved by the persistent light and noise of day. He rolled over…