Quick Ideas

  • The Collection Room

    While visiting an old curiosity shop, you find a secret door through to a library of ancient and mysterious artefacts. What would you find? What would you do with them? Who would you tell?

  • The Centre

    Whilst on a school trip to an outdoor activity centre, you find out that the owners are secretly running experiments on missing pupils. What do you do about it? Who do you tell who do you ask for help?

  • Foggy Behaviour

    What if one morning when you look out the window a thick greenish fog has covered your town. People are behaving very strangely and everyone is scared for their lives. What will you do? How will you protect your family and friends from the dangers outside?

  • Ghost Hunters

    When you and your friends start hearing about ghost sightings in your street, you decide to start a ghost hunting club. Where will you look? What will happen if you find one?

  • Sleep Walking?

    You discover you can see the world in your sleep and travel around it as it happens. What will you do with this new skill? What will you discover?

  • Ageless

    Although your best friend is the same age as you, they tell you that thanks to a vengeful witch they have been that age for nearly a hundred years. You hear the story of their life. They need your help. What would they want you to do?

  • The Shrinkenizer

    You find a device that lets you shrink any object you point it at. What would you do with it? What would happen if you pointed it at a pet? What if you pointed it at yourself?

  • Friendship Drama

    You write a story in class using your friends as the characters. The next day your story comes true. What will you do next? How would you use this power?

  • Magic Pencil

    You find a magic pencil in the street. Anything you draw comes to life. How would you use it? What might go wrong with your creations?

  • Robot Imposter You

    One afternoon you fall asleep in the garden. You wake up that evening to find a robot pretending to be you and eating tea with your family. What will you do? How will you prove you are the real you?

  • The Crate

    You get lost in the museum and end up in a room marked ‘out of bounds: Top Secret’. A green glow seeps from a crate in the far corner. What could be in the crate? What will you do once you open it?

  • From the Wardrobe

    You wake up at night and find the wardrobe door is unexpectedly open. A shadowy form starts to slide out from the darkness, but as it comes closer it begins to talk to you in a friendly voice. What will you do?