Jim looked around the deserted science lab. He knew he shouldn’t have snuck back, but he really wanted to see what Mr Jenkins, his teacher had been working on. He has to know what was under the sheet at the back of the room.
Jim crept closer, trying not to break the silence of the empty school, but straining to see in the dimly lit room. Suddenly he heard a sound, and froze. Had he imagined it? No it was there again, the sound of heavy footsteps. He turned slowly towards the door, and through the frosted glass the beam of a torch lit up the corridor. Security guard! He thought, and without thinking, he threw himself towards the sheet and the project it covered.
As he slid under, Jim tripped on a chair leg and fell head first into what seemed to be a seat-like chamber. He banged his head, hard. It was as he started to blackout that he read the display in front of him. There were many numbers and dials, but his last memory was of one word flashing faster and faster: ‘BACKWARD’.


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