Story Starters and Writing Resources
for Educators

Dormant Stories is a collection of free story openings written by an educator for use to teach writing in the elementary classroom.

I have been writing these for years to allow me to demonstrate specific writing tools and techniques.

Who knows, one day I may even finish one.

In the meantime, help yourself to the story openings, endings, part works and writing resources on this site. 

Latest Story Openings

Review: ‘Leaders Eat Last’

This books is quoted endlessly and banded around so often it has a sort of folklore of its own and makes it seem a ‘must read’ before even opening it. “Returning from work

Ben’s New School

Ben peered around his mum’s leg at the gleaming doors in front of him. He could hear the soft ‘shhh’ as they slid gracefully open and shut, as bigger children scurried in and

Featured Opening

Melanie closed the door as the postman, whistling loudly, walked back down the driveway. She put the heavy parcel on the kitchen counter. It was addressed to her, but he had not ordered anything, and she couldn’t think who would be sending her a gift. Melanie grinned as she undid the outer wrapping, and slid the contents onto the table. However, as it emerged, she couldn’t hide a disappointed frown. Why would anyone send her such an ugly and impractical bag? It was large, like her netball holdall, but

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